The Conflict Cure

An Ebook about resolving conflicts and building stronger marriages

Are you ready to resolve conflicts Biblically and experience:

  • Healthy conflict 
  • Ability to work with people who are vastly different than you 
  • Confidence in the gifts you have and celebate the gifts in others 
  • Feeling safe to express your dreams and fears 
  • Sharing life's ups and downs together
  • Pursuing your faith boldly in front of a dying world

In This Ebook You Will Learn:

  • The WHY behind peacemaking 
  • How we were created to be together 
  • Peacemaking Vs. Peacekeeping 
  • How to get at the heart of conflict 
  • How conflict can be a positive thing
  • and so much more...

About the Author, Kristin Lawrence

Kristin became a conflict coach because she wanted to help people not only resolve conflict but also to mend relationship. Her relationships have drastically changed over the last 8 years and she wants nothing more than to help others have the same experience. 

Some quirky things about Kristin is that she is a sucker for a good overcoming story, and gets her fill from watching shows like: Survivor, Talent Shows, and Undercover Boss. She loves watching animals and sitting at the beach. When she is not coaching or learning, you can find her playing games with the family, on the yoga mat, or talking stupid to her dog, Jack. 

Check out what other people had to say about the E-book...

Down-to-earth and approachable

"Kristin speaks from the heart, opening up about her personal experiences as a wife, a mother and a Christian. Her reflections about her own life gave me the opportunity to face my own mirror and see the areas where my relationships can improve. 

Kristin's down-to-earth approach to living a life aligned with biblical teaching breaks down the barriers between biblical living and the world we live in today - 

Patricia Galvan

Changed my life

After working with Kristin, God helped me to have compassion and see things from His view instead of my own. Before working with her, I focused on what I wanted and my heart was hard.

The tools she gives are practical and can be used for a lifetime. Since the workshop, people have noticed a difference in me; and my relationship with God, my son, and myself also got stronger. 

Sara Eve

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